Top 5 CCTV Camera Types

Ever since the rapid evolution of CCTV Security Surveillance Systems, an increase in producing more efficient cameras have been taking over the security industry. Due to the different security needs, different solutions are required to be enhanced or changed completely to meet the standards. In order to understand and provide solutions for security requirements, we must first understand the different types of cameras.

To easily identify the cameras, we must consider which type of system it runs on. Are they Network CCTV Cameras or HD Analogue Cameras? To learn more about this, read our article on Modern Security CCTV Technologies.

So What Are The Types of Network CCTV cameras and HD Analogue Cameras?

There are various types of CCTV cameras available in the market. All of them are best in their respective kinds of usage.

Bullet Cameras:
These cameras are cylindrical in shape and sleek in design. These can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. A fixed area is captured with these types of cameras.
Dome Cameras:
Dome cameras are shaped like a dome which provides an unobtrusive view. Some of these cameras can have quick spin units.
Night Vision Cameras:
These types of cameras can capture things in low light situations with infrared vision.
Outdoor Cameras:
These cameras are used in housing. These are dustproof, insect proof, and moisture proof.
PTZ Cameras:
PTZ cameras are also known as Pan Tilt Zoom cameras. These cameras can be controlled manually or automatically. These cameras can monitor a 360-degree view. Moreover, these cameras have a broad view area.
Fixed Cameras:
These cameras have a fixed viewing angle and can be used to monitor a fixed portion of the area.
Wireless Cameras:
These cameras are mounted without wires and easy to install.
High Definition Cameras:
These cameras allow capturing great quality videos and can have clarity even when zoomed.

Here are the 5 most popular types of CCTV Cameras

Number 5: Panoramic CCTV Cameras


Coming At Number 5, is the panoramic 360º fish eye lens CCTV Camera. These type of cameras are commonly installed on a ceiling mount and provide a bird's eye view of the vicinity. Depending on the hardware, some are equipped with 5 Megapixel Lenses and even built-in microphones for audio surveillance as well. Usually these type of cameras are used in areas that need easy identification and maintain overall security in a specific area. The places that may require panoramic cameras are usually enclosed areas, such as Nursery Classroom, Small Training Centers, Meeting Rooms, Store Room, Pantry, Kitchen and Offices. Value CCTV carries our own range of panoramic security cameras, find out more about our ongoing panoramic CCTV promotional offer.

Number 4: PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Dome Cameras


PTZ Dome Cameras are more of an industrial grade type of security camera. These cameras perform just as their name describes. They pan, tilt and zoom. The technology in PTZ cameras allows for incredible detail when zooming and also cover a wider angle with its panning feature. They are usually placed on corners of a perimeter in order to be able to pan across a large area. Furthermore, their larger housing and wall mounts act as an obvious security measure, detering the possibility of a break-in or any crime related situations. These type of cameras are also available in a smaller size, Mini PTZ Dome Cameras are also used in smaller areas to be a little more discreet while still maintaining the same amount of effective security surveillance. PTZ Dome Cameras are mostly used in industrial areas such as Factories, Commercial Buildings, Parking Areas, Manufacturing Plants, Oil Rigs, Airport Runways and Construction Areas.

Number 3: Wireless IP Cameras


China has become the largest manufacturer of wireless IP Cameras that are designed for fast and easy installation and an even more simpler way to use its features. A large number of the population have resorted to using these wireless IP cameras because of its affordable price and banking on the feature that claims to be "wireless". But contrary to popular belief, these "wireless" IP cameras usually still need a cable to run a power source. The term "wireless" used in the name is actually the feature to be able to achieve LIVE surveillance through utilizing an app on a mobile device. In today's world of security technology, LIVE surveillance have already been enhanced to a length where video analytics can pick up more information than just simply being a platform for security surveillance. But due to budget, most home owners use off-the-shelf CCTV cameras that they can find in electronic stores and online stores.

Number 2: Bullet Cameras


Because of its typically small and rifle bullet shape, these cameras attained themselves the name "Bullet Cameras". They usually use a tri-axis type of mount and hence easily mounted to ceilings or walls. These cameras are commonly installed in outdoor environments or areas where light easily shines into. Depending on the housing of the camera, most times the housing are made to withstand impacts and that is why most bullet cameras have a certified IP67 Vandal proof and Water proof rating.

Number 1: Dome Cameras


Taking the number 1 spot in being the most utilized type of CCTV camera is the Dome Camera. These cameras are the most common in any security system, especially when required indoors. Any situation that requires surveillance security, a dome camera is usually present. The technology built in to dome cameras have evolved tremendously over the years. Some dome cameras are built with recording resolutions of up to 4K and 16 Megapixels. An audio supported microphone feature may also be present in some higher-end dome camera models.