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Modern CCTV Security Technologies


A CCTV security system is set up with cameras that capture video and images and then transmit it to an authorized person through a networking system. Currently, most individuals and businesses are using this technology for surveillance and monitoring purpose due to security-related terms. Also, CCTV can be used for other app..

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Top 5 CCTV Camera Types


Ever since the rapid evolution of CCTV Security Surveillance Systems, an increase in producing more efficient cameras have been taking over the security industry. Due to the different security needs, different solutions are required to be enhanced or changed completely to meet the standards. In order to understand and provide sol..

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Surveillance Grade Hard Disks Versus Standard Grade Hard Drives


There are a lot of HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) accessible for various use, but this also means many users are unsure which one to pick. The difference lies in the drive's engineering, so before picking any, you have to understand what you will use it for. Surveillance is one situation where most times standard hard drives are being util..

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Outcome Based Security And How It Improves Security


Instead of stating how many security guards are required in a tender for a security project, an organisation could indicate the amount of time needed to respond to a security threat. This change from a headcount-based contract to an outcome-based one allows security solutions that use technology to be better factored in ten..

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Cybersecurity Threat In CCTV


Over the past five years, we have witnessed the progression of digitalization in the surveillance industry and also seen the industry's rapid development. In these five years, we have seen how the smart surveillance industry has explored the dream of the Internet of Things and we are happy to see that the industry is at the foref...

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