Outcome Based Security And How It Improves Security

Instead of stating how many security guards are required in a tender for a security project, an organisation could indicate the amount of time needed to respond to a security threat.

This change from a headcount-based contract to an outcome-based one allows security solutions that use technology to be better factored in tender proposals.

Overview of the security industry in Singapore


47,000 Active Security Officers


240 Security Agencies


600 Security Service Providers

Industry Challenges Opportunities
Heightened Terrorism Threats Potential new demand for security services and push for buyers to explore smarter security solutions
Shrinking local workforce and rising manpower costs Paradigm shift to use technology and redesign processes to optimize resources
More educated workforce with higher aspirations Better-skilled manpower to enable new technology and services


Integrated Security Solutions


Combined skilled manpower, technology, design and processes


Implemented through outcome-based contracts

Strategies Initiatives
value_cctv_articles_outcome_based_security_new_security_technology_drone_iconTECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION:
Push for technology and innovation to transform operating models
• Security Industry Digital Plan to provide step-by-step advice to Security small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on digital tech solutions to use at each stage of their growth
• Support for industry-led pilot projects with potential to uplift the industry.
• Call for Innovative Solutions for co-development of innovative solutions between buyers, security agencies and tech companies.
• Funding support for job redesign and technology adoption through Security Productivity Initiative
value_cctv_articles_outcome_based_security_new_security_technology_initiativeBEST SOURCING:
Promote best practices in procurement of security services, with Government taking the lead
• Tripartite guide on best practices in procuring security services
• Skills training on best-sourcing for procurement officers and service providers
• Buyer outreach efforts by industry
• Government to adopt outcome-based contracts
• Funding support for buyers - Smart Sourcing Initiative and Security Providing Initiative
Align regulatory criteria with ITM objectives to raise standards
• Revamped assessment criteria for Security Agencies Grading Exercise to better differetiate agencies that invest in training and technology and deliver high quality services
Invest in skills to support career advancement
• Skills Framework to support career development and training
• Enhanced skills training to train officers in relevant and emerging skills - SkillsFuture Series, Work-Learn Technical Diploma in Security Systems Engineering, SkillsFuture Study Awards
• Introduction of Specialist Diploma in Security Consultancy