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CCTV Surveillance Security For Your Restaurant and Cafe In Singapore

The main concern of restaurant and cafe security is not the crimes but more of hygiene control in the food handling department. Some kitchens are not being watched over and thus if a health related outbreak occured, there is no telling where it originated from. As far as crime related situations go, most often than not is an internal crime such as when cashiers decide to steal some money from the register or give their friend free meals.

CCTV surveillance cameras are able to detect these situations and even much more when you integrate with video analytics. This way, you are able to analyze customer behaviour for business intelligence and at the same time judge employee's productivity.

If theft were to occur and if dispute were to take place, or even any harassment by unruly customers, surveillance cameras provide additional proof and evidence for the authorities.

Professional Security Strategists

Our security consultants have years of knowledge and experience in giving the proper security strategies and because our goal is to help you achieve the best security at a value, we provide FREE professional site-surveys and consultation.

Reliable Security Products

Accountability is key when it comes to product reliability. The security products we carry are proven and tested to be world-class performing standards and most of our clients prefer using the range of products we carry.

Dependable Installation Services

Regardless the size and constraint of your building, our installation team are always well-equipped not only with the tools, but the amount of experience that they have gained over the years.