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CCTV Surveillance Security For Your Office In Singapore

Ensuring a safe working environment is crucial to let employees focus on working without having to worry about security breaches. You are also able to protect your assets in your office with a surveillance camera and maintain visual on the movement of assets. If handling keys is a daily operation, you can use surveillance cameras integrated with video analytics to track the the location of keys and who is in possession of it.

Another use for CCTV Surveillance Systems in the office is to monitor employee productivity. As HR, Manager or Employer, you will be able to check in on your employees anytime you want and ensure that their productivity level is as expected. If there has been speculations of theft, surveillance cameras can also aid in providing evidence.

Acts of mischief and misconduct can also be detected by surveillance cameras and even exported out and saved as a proof and evidence.

Professional Security Strategists

Our security consultants have years of knowledge and experience in giving the proper security strategies and because our goal is to help you achieve the best security at a value, we provide FREE professional site-surveys and consultation.

Reliable Security Products

Accountability is key when it comes to product reliability. The security products we carry are proven and tested to be world-class performing standards and most of our clients prefer using the range of products we carry.

Dependable Installation Services

Regardless the size and constraint of your building, our installation team are always well-equipped not only with the tools, but the amount of experience that they have gained over the years.